When you eat better YOU will live better!

Improving one’s life is a process that encompasses different areas to be worked on.  A holistic approach is necessary to becoming the best YOU possible. You can not stimulate and work on your mental state and neglect your body.  The benefits of eating healthy are enormous and have long lasting effects. Today I am joined by fellow blogger Nekesha Green , as she shares some tips for a healthy holistic lifestyle.


André: What would you say is the first step to eating healthier?

Nekesha: Hey Andre first I want to thank you for having me as guest blogger this week. It’s always good to not only receive but give some perspective on topics that are close to my heart. To answer your question, the first step to eating healthier will vary per person depending on their/your goals. My goal currently is to shed a few pounds, gain some muscle and improve my running speed. With that being said, I would say research as much as possible because there are so many “diets” and eating fads on the market and you have to find what will work best for YOUR body. Also I would say  find a like minded someone to bounce ideas off and/or buddy up with through your journey. We as humans tend to be very hard on ourselves and any journey is going to have peaks and valleys, so another “first step” on the journey to health is to remember to give yourself a break and when you’re feeling defeated on discouraged, reach out to that partner for support or encouragement.

André: What are some quick recipes a novice can whip up that are flavorful and filling?

Nekesha:  I try to always eat with the three macronutrients (protein, carbs, good fat) in mind because that’s currently working for me and the best way to balance your meals and lose fat. So a quick meal for me is steamed sweet potato (carb), grilled chicken breast (protein) w/coconut oil (fat) and steamed broccoli (carb). If you aren’t a chicken person, a 4oz piece of beef/steak, or salmon is also quick and really good for you. If you’re having a sweet tooth attack, I try to reach for some fruit, a home made smoothie or fresh pressed juice. If you get a moment, check out my blog ( http://eatlovepaleo.wordpress.com for a lot of healthy alternatives and recipes. I have a wonderful recipe up there for a breakfast quiche and apple scones. The key here is to plan ahead. Don’t wait until you’re hungry to cook. If you fail to plan… plan to fail. I’m proof of that!

André: What was your hardest challenge switching to your current healthier lifestyle?

Nekesha:  I like that you say “was” as if it is no longer a challenge LOL. I struggle daily with this healthy eating thing and what I’ve come to learn is that eating healthy is a lifestyle change. Although you should have goals and reward yourself when you reach those goals; you have to keep in mind, the key to a healthy diet is to try and adapt the mindset that it HAS to be a lifestyle change. Its not about being healthy to get into that suit or little black dress, it has to be a daily decision. I’ve fallen off the wagon too many times to count but i’m trying to remember not to be too hard on myself and remember that when you fail, the next thing you have to do is get back up… and next time fail better.

Nekesha: So let me ask you Andre, I know that women are much harder on themselves as far their body image (aesthetics, weight, appearance, etc.) is concerned; from the male perspective, what thing(s) do men struggle with as far as their health and wellness is concerned? And how do you deal with and address those struggles?

André: Good question Nekesha. I think for most men it is a matter of staying in shape and keeping one’s muscle mass in tact. We definitely are not as scrutinizing about our appearance as females are, but having a noticeable stomach is usually something we try to avoid. I personally do my best to work out at least three times a week and I am working on eliminating late night eating. (smhsmh).

Nekesha: So we’ve talked a lot about weight and diet but what other things do you advise and you yourself work on to improve yourself holistically?

Andre: I think it is important to have down time in the midst of our busy lives. Self inventory is valuable to assess progress and further project one’s goals in life. I have a great support system around me of like minded individuals who challenge me to strive for better.  As you mentioned earlier, this race is much harder when ran alone. A popular gospel song declares “I need you to survive”, it holds true. Lastly, BE CONSISTENT!  All the suggestions given today are useless if done haphazardly or only periodically.

Nekesha:  Again thanks so much for inviting me to join you this week. I hope the readers are encouraged by the dialogue and are inspired to keep the conversation going. Readers/ followers what are you doing to improve your health and overall lifestyle? Please share your ideas with us, we look forward to hearing and possibly incorporating some of your commentary in our own lives.

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3 Responses to When you eat better YOU will live better!

  1. Reblogged this on Eat, Love, Paleo! and commented:
    My graduate school classmate (André) and I decided to interview each other this week for his blog; it’s a twist on guest blogging. The discussion pertains to healthy eating and the holistic approach to living your best life. Check out the original blog post below. #SocialMediaTactics at its best!

  2. Amazing teamwork, guys! You did a great job building off of each other for this post and I got lots of neat tips for trying to live a healthier life (I eat like a 6 year old that just had refined sugar for the first time). Nice job working to build blog interest by adding in a surprise guest blogger. Nekesha, do you think that eating healthy and the recipes you listed has more tendency to break the bank or requires more time in the kitchen? Do you have an super fast and CHEAP recipes? I can’t afford salmon and steak every night!

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